Horse ball Large horse-resistant inflatable ball with cover

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If you don't inflate the ball completely, the cover is not completely tight and it is a great play feature for horses, they can pick it up with their mouth!

NOTE: The horse ball is currently not available. The cover is available!

Horse balls are very nice toys for horses and people. Anyone who googles "horse football" will come across countless inspiring examples of the pleasure that you can have with your horse at such a ball. (See also the [photo section Paardenbal] compiled by users of this ball (../cgi-bin/album.cgi?cats=55&uitgebreid=checked&showmenu=0) Do you also participate and put nice pictures on it if you In August 2011 we will start a forum topic and vote which photo in the album, or which video sent is the best, the winner will be rewarded!)

The benefits of the new horse ball:

  • Large, diameter 1.05 meters. Due to these dimensions, the horse cannot step on or trip over it.
  • Anti-burst system (no shock-bang effect like a balloon if it is allowed to get into something sharp; it just deflates slowly)
  • Strong, has been tested by the manufacturer with a load of more than 500 kg!
  • Made of material without harmful plasticizers (phthalate-free) and recyclable.
  • Very advantageous in relation to the quality and size.

The ball comes standard with a very strong cover. This cover has the following features:

  • Protection of the ball, more fun for the horse.
  • Convenient attachment option to the cover so that you can attach a rope to it and that way can play with your horse much more fun (it works like a kind of yoyo, really funny) and there is another big advantage: you can also fun playing with the ball when it is windy because it no longer blows away from you and your horse due to the rope and you can simply tie the ball after use so that it does not end up in the ditch due to the wind
  • Very strong quality, made of a very strong and tear-resistant material, does not absorb moisture and dries quickly.

  • The diameter of the cover is approximately 1.05 meters. The opening closes with a wide strip of Velcro that also remains in place during use.

The new cover has a handy loop so you can simply tie the ball after use. The time when you had to pick the ball out of a ditch somewhere far away is over ;-) You can also play with your horse and the ball through this loop when the wind is blowing hard, which is handy in this country!

Things you can do with the horse ball:

  • Let horses play freely, some horses think this is the end! Put the ball in the box, put the horse there, and wait ...
  • Many horses enjoy chasing something that moves. This ball is more suitable for this than the dog, cat or chicken. You can teach the horse to run after it by pushing the ball in front of you while taking the horse on a lead. Chances are he will take over the game pretty soon.
  • Clicker training. The ball is very suitable for all kinds of clicker training exercises. You can start targeting with the nose, later expanding to targeting with one leg. Of course you can also have it kicked away. Fetching is also an option (by pushing or kicking), so you don't have to retrieve the ball yourself. The possibilities are endless.
  • You can teach your horse to push the ball (lightning fast) into a target. With clicker training this is easy to teach the horse.
  • When you have taught two horses separately to push the ball into a certain target, it can become laugh when you release both horses in the box at the same time. Especially if they have both learned to push the ball to another target ...
  • Play horse football in a group, riding the horses.
  • ... (use your imagination!)


Introducing the ball

The success of the ball depends on how you introduce the ball to the horse. It is normal for horses to be afraid of the ball at first. The best way to introduce the ball is to just put the ball somewhere first and then bring the horse* after into the same space. After perhaps some hesitation, your horse will curiously sniff the ball on its own. Initially only move the ball away from the horse , then allow the horse to return to *the ball. So the ball is the prey and the horse the hunter. Only when the horse fully accepts the ball can you turn the tables and gradually move the ball towards the horse with more and more conviction.


The ball is strong enough to lift the rear of this heavy Mercedes off the ground. However, this does not mean that the ball is indestructible! A ball can especially not against sharp objects such as blackberry bushes, barbed wire, cat nails, and so on.


  • Let the horse only play with the ball under supervision.
  • Make sure the ball is inflated according to the instructions. A ball that is too soft or too tight is not good for the safety of the game.
  • Only use the ball within a fence that is free of sharp parts (barbed wire, nails, blackberry bushes, ..!)
  • Only use the ball for its intended purpose! (The example of jacking up the car using the ball was meant to demonstrate the strength of the ball, not to suggest that this is a good way to get under the car to fix the exhaust!)


The ball is so big that it cannot fit through a normal door. An empty stable can be a good storage place your horse stays outside, right? . You can also easily tie this ball with cover to something with a rope on the special attachment of the cover.

New: sturdy cover for the ball


We used to sell the ball without a cover, but over time it has turned out that this is not nearly as suitable for horses. At the time, we had a ball cover made as a test. The photos of this are on the right and the story below:

*We were asked if there is also a cover available for the ball. The nice thing about a good sturdy cover is that there are several colors available and that the ball becomes much stronger and in addition, the horse can also use its teeth to play with the ball, if you pump the ball less hard, it can be real put teeth in it and lift the ball and move it back and forth by biting it. Many horses love that!

We therefore had a cover made and had it tested for strength and functionality by two very different horses. One horse is a playful Arab who breaks all the balls he gets by tinkering until he has gotten the valve out with his teeth. Then he likes to pick up the empty ball and shake it and play around with it, he then looks upset after a while when the ball turns out to be broken.

The other horse is a playful stallion, the ball is a playmate for him that you can run after and also acts as "his mare". It is a big horse and it jumps on the ball with all its weight. Very funny to see, but the ball without a cover unfortunately turned out not to be resistant to this fanatic game. This horse is therefore also very suitable for our test.

The cover (and ball) passed both tests with flying colors! In the first picture you see the Arab, who has been busy for a long time to remove the valve from the ball. It turned out to be in vain because he did not succeed and the ball and the sleeve remained intact :-) The ball was inflated quite hard in the photo, but if the ball would have been pumped less hard, the cover is looser, and the horse can lift the ball with his mouth by putting his teeth in the cover. The cover is strong enough for this and the horse has extra fun. Quote from the owner of the Arab:* The test went well, I want to order a cover in advance because this is the right way for Shakrimh! *

The photos in test 2 show a group of young stallions that are in rearing. All horses are very interested, but the brown horse that knew the ball beforehand when his owner played with him at home, quickly appropriates the ball. The ball has been re-jumped a lot and fortunately withstood all the violence. A quote from the owner of the horse:* "It was a super nice Tuesday afternoon. Took a lot of pictures, learned a lot and of course the most important: The Cover has been tested. Conclusion: Scratch, Bite and Deck resistant. It was really a great experience and if you need to test something again you know where to find me! "*

Conny and Peter: thank you very much for having the ball tested by your great horses, and also thank you for the nice report and the (dozens!) Beautiful photos. You both will of course receive a nice colored cover for the ball as a thank you for your efforts.*

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Photos and movies

Send your best photos and/or videos! In the photo album we have a special section where action photos with the horse ball can be placed. See the (../cgi-bin/album.cgi?cats=55&uitgebreid=checked&showmenu=0) photo section .


Do you have a nice movie with the horse ball? Send us an e-mail with the YouTube link and we'll drop it here.

Very funny video of a special horse Louxor, submitted by Fanny

Beautiful video of super enthusiastic horse Sir Donnerhall x Tuschinski, submitted by Meike

LlevadoSubmitted by Danielle Meyboom, that super tough, beautiful and energetic horse is her 1.5 year young PRE Llevado (talk about CRASH test!):

Cruiffie.Submitted by Hannah Froukje, the super football star is her tough mare Neel:

Highland pony with the ballSubmitted by Wieteke de Rijke

Koen and Fox.Submitted by Koen, thanks to the lovely horse Fox:

Micky, young talent.Submitted by Margot, thanks to her cool little paint foal, fellow Micky

Hiawatha is doing it backwards!Submitted by Andrea from the SunFlowersRanch

Lindy is starting to notice!Submitted by Christa

Murphy's Red Aka Secret Spirit is crazy about the ball! Submitted by Anja

Note: this horse has already broken two balls by playing with them in this way. The ball cannot withstand horse teeth, it will eventually break. In combination with the cover, the ball is very resistant to it (make sure that the ball is not completely inflated and pay attention, if a horse really bites and shakes very hard, this cover will eventually break!)