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Horse ball
Horse ball - Large horse-resistant inflatable ball with cover > Products > Sports, games and rigging > Horse ball
Horse balls are very nice toys for horses and people. With its large size (more than a meter), equipped with ABS, highly tested, plasticizer-free and recyclable, this horse ball, which comes with a handy cover, is a suitable horse toy.
Bareback pad
Bareback pad - For an independent seat. Machine washable > Products > Sports, games and rigging > Bareback pad
To develop a good, firm and independent seat, it is good to ride without a saddle regularly. A bareback pad is a handy tool: you don't need stirrups, knee rolls and other aids to be forced onto your horse in a certain position. This allows you to train yourself on an independent seat while thanks to the bareback pad you will not suffer from sweaty pants with horse hair sticking to it. This pad is non-slip, handy machine washable, ergonomically shaped, also suitable for a high withers, has biothane girth straps and a handle.