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Welcome! This website is of course about horses, but the common thread in this whole is the word "natural", but not on a floaty level but from logic: look at the nature of the horse and adjust the housing, nutrition, way of trimming and training. of the horse to this as much as possible so that you will run into as little as possible psychological and physical problems.

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Natural horsemanship is usually divided into all kinds of separate, self-contained compartments:

  • There are "natural horsemanship" gurus who are very successful in telling how best to handle horses and teach them things by using communication, psychology and knowledge instead of mechanical means, fear and intimidation.
  • There are people who have put a lot of time and research into the way of housing, caring for or feeding a horse. This is also a form of "Natural horsemanship". Time and again it appears that the most natural care possible (including nutrition, housing, hoof care) results in healthier horses, both physically and mentally.
  • Another part of "natural horsemanship" is natural trimming. Many people have horses with hoof problems; the way in which many horses are unfortunately still trimmed has more to do with tradition than with insight and knowledge. Given the frequency with which our trimming pages are consulted, it is a "hot issue".

What is still too little recognized, however, is that "natural horsemanship" is a total package;

  • Of course you can trim horses but if you lock them up in the stable a lot of the time per day, you will never have to get good ones.
  • You can use "natural horsemanship" in handling and riding your horse, but if your horse is in the stable and does not have enough contact with other dogs, you will keep a horse with little spirit and / or ride a bomb full pent-up frustration.
  • You can give your horse 24 hours pasture but if you feed him kibble, shave and put on a blanket, let him walk around in the pasture (or slide) on horseshoes, there is a high chance that your horse will not stay healthy or there will be accidents to happen.

The principle that a healthy body and a healthy mind go together in humans has been commonplace for some time. This is also the case with horses !!

What we have learned over time is that the "natural horsemanship parts" are puzzle pieces that connect seamlessly and together form a puzzle. A puzzle that is only complete when you have all the puzzle pieces together. The end result is a balanced horse, mentally, emotionally and physically.

On this website, www.paardnatuurlijk.nl, you will find many puzzle pieces. As you read you will discover that there are always links to our other pages, as a result of the fact that all information is interrelated. However, the puzzle is not yet complete, new information is regularly added to this website. www.paardnatuurlijk.nl is unique because you can find enough puzzle pieces here to get a good impression of what the complete puzzle will look like.

Some people come to www.paardnatuurlijk.nl for a separate puzzle piece. They are only interested in natural trimming, or want to know how to stop their running horse, what to feed them, or just how to get their horse into the trailer. However, realize that the important thing about this website is that every page has coherence with the other pages. Read those other pages too; Horse Naturally is a total package. The more puzzle pieces are in place, the better and easier everything will go and the happier and healthier your horse will be (and so will you!).