Book 'Thinking' or why horses love learning theory

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Why Horses Love Learning Theory

Clicker training with horses


by Inge Teblick

What is it?

This is the second book by the author of this book, Inge Teblick. 'Denkwerk' has been released in color and is a nice addition and extension to 'Grondwerk met Paarden' (which is unfortunately no longer available). 'Thinking' goes further, provides a lot of background information and teaches you how to teach horses something. In this beautiful new book Inge gives a lot of 'food for thought' (thinking) and a lot of extra information about the being 'horse' and she provides insight into a logical structure to teach your horse new things (including riding techniques). Despite the fact that it is not a book with step-by-step exercises, you can still work well with it in practice. It is a comprehensive, pleasantly smoothly written book of 381 pages thick in A4 format, with many colorful photos and illustrations.

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