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Book Horse Naturally
Book Horse Naturally - Housing, nutrition, care, social behavior, natural trimming > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book Horse Naturally
Our website has created a lot of movement in insights about how horses should be cared for. Many times we have been asked to elaborate on this and to publish it in book form. The result is the book with the appropriate title: *"Horse Naturally"*.
Multimedia Package Natural Trim
Multimedia Package Natural Trim - The most comprehensive reference book on natural trimming > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Multimedia Package Natural Trim
The multimedia package "Natural Grooming" covers Natural Grooming in the broadest sense and is intended for people who are looking for ways to get and keep the hooves of the horse or pony as healthy as possible. This package consists of two books, a DVD, a handy pocket book, and a discount coupon for the course "Natural Hairdressing".
Book laminitis
Book laminitis - understand, cure, prevent, 2nd edition 2018 > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book laminitis
Second, completely revised and expanded edition from 2018. Available in softcover and hardcover. Full color. 334 pages (the old edition contained 128 pages!)
Laminitis Answers
Laminitis Answers - more than 200 questions answered > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Laminitis Answers
Laminitis Answers: More than 200 questions answered. This book provides crystal-clear, practical answers to more than 200 questions about laminitis. Questions that keep popping up in all kinds of Facebook groups. Answers that help you. This book is going to help you and your horse.
Book 'Metal in the Mouth'
Book 'Metal in the Mouth' - Very interesting and informative book about bits > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book 'Metal in the Mouth'
This well-researched book by Prof. Dr. W. Robert Cook clearly shows where the use of a bit leads. After reading this book you will know how a bit works and what happens in the horse's mouth with and through the bit. The effect goes very far, far beyond influences on the mouth alone. After reading this book you will understand why this is so, everything is clearly and well explained. Answer the questionnaire and find out if your horse may have bit-related problems.
Book 'Nature of the Horse'
Book 'Nature of the Horse' - by Dr. Marthe Kiley Worthington > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book 'Nature of the Horse'
The writer is a scientist, she has studied and researched a lot. Her book is therefore not a vague knot of an (always subjective) opinion, but it is based as much as possible on scientific facts. Despite this fact, the book is by no means dry food, nor is it difficult to understand because she has not used professional jargon but has chosen to keep the book easily readable for a wide audience. She has done this consciously because her book aims to change the world of the horse favorably and the majority of horse owners are simply not scientists.
Book 'Thinking'
Book 'Thinking' - or why horses love learning theory > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book 'Thinking'
Clicker training with horses. 'Denkwerk' has been published in color and is a nice addition and extension to 'Grondwerk met Paarden' (that book is no longer available but has been sold a lot). 'Thinking' goes further, provides a lot of background information and teaches you how to teach horses something. In this beautiful new book Inge gives a lot of 'food for thought' (thinking) and a lot of extra information about the being 'horse' and she provides insight into a logical structure to teach your horse new things (including riding techniques). Despite the fact that it is not a book with step-by-step exercises, you can still work well with it in practice. It is a comprehensive, pleasantly smoothly written book of 381 pages thick in A4 format, with many colorful photos and illustrations.
Book 'Beleren, (g) an Art'
Book 'Beleren, (g) an Art' - Guide to increase your own knowledge and experience > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book 'Beleren, (g) an Art'
Beleren, (g) een Kunst is an extensive reference work for every rider, trainer or horse owner who has to deal with raising, training or riding a (young) horse. For the inexperienced horse enthusiast as well as for experienced riders, this book offers a guideline for a safe, pleasant, relaxed and responsible training structure, with which horses can be fully trained to become versatile riding horses without fear or dangerous situations.
Book summer eczema
Book summer eczema - Summer eczema under control > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Multimedia > Book summer eczema
Summer eczema Onder Control clearly explains the causes of the development of summer eczema. In addition, the book goes deeply into the care of horses with summer eczema in terms of pasture management, nutrition and worm control. The medical aspects of stress, immune system and organs are also discussed. Finally, natural remedies are discussed per medical aspect that can make a positive contribution to the reduction of summer eczema.