Book laminitis understand, cure, prevent, 2nd edition 2018

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What is it?

Laminitis. Too many horse owners are confronted with this disease one day. And when it happens to your horse, pony or donkey, you stand with your hands in the hair. To see your beloved animal suffer so much pain is horrible. You want nothing more than to help, but you don't know how.

Quick action can prevent a lot of suffering. This book explains exactly and extensively what happens in the horse's body, both just before and during laminitis. The latest scientific findings regarding sugars, hormones, drugs, underlying diseases (such as PPID), treatment methods, toxins and stress are all discussed in detail. The same goes for the crucial importance of good natural nutrition, housing, exercise and proper hoof care.

This book offers practical solutions and simple preventive measures. The emphasis is on the very important role you play as the owner of the horse. In short, after reading this book you will know how you can help your horse, pony or donkey to recover and stay healthy.

In addition, 'Laminitis: Understand, Cure, Prevent' is a valuable resource for both veterinarians and hoof care workers. Unfortunately, many professionals in the horse world often lack solid knowledge about this complex problem. As a result, laminitis is diagnosed too late or even not recognized at all. The treatments used often prove ineffective, because they are based on outdated ideas and theories or because the focus is too much on the hooves. This book aims to change this by offering effective solutions and by drawing attention back to the whole horse.

'Laminitis: Understand, Cure, Prevent' is an absolute must-have for anyone who works with or cares for a laminitis horse, pony or donkey.

Different editions

Remco's book "Laminitis" has been published in various editions. First there was "Laminitis," the 128-page book. Here came a sequel; "Laminitis further explained". Finally, in 2018, those two books were merged and re-updated and expanded to create the current 334-page copy. If you only have the first book, then it is highly recommended to take the current edition, it contains a lot of extra information.

The author has written an extra book: Laminitis Answers, more than 200 questions answered

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The product is available in two versions; hardcover and softcover. Dimensions 25.4 x 23.0 x 2.7cm. 334 pages full color. ISBN 978-90-825191-9-8 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-90-825191-7-4 (softcover)

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The author has written an extra book: Laminitis Answers, more than 200 questions answered

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