Together on a course Together on a course is fun and affordable

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We get many people on a course who come together with a family member. Cozy, and also very understandable. Two see more than one, you then have a fully-fledged consultation partner at home, and you can divide the work. Because you only need one multimedia package together, we can also grant you a discount.


Are you coming together with a (non-living) boyfriend or girlfriend? Then let each participant register individually.

Do you want to come with a family member? We understand that you will not be your own for everyone Multimedia package "Natural Trim" .

You can therefore indicate when registering that you are coming with a partner (another family member is of course also allowed). These persons do not need to purchase the multimedia package and pay 95 euros for the entire course.

To make use of this scheme, enter the number of additional participants in the "Partners" box. If you come alone it will be zero, if you bring your partner with you on 1. If you bring more housemates with you, you increase the number in the box "partners" accordingly.

! This scheme is expressly only intended for family members. Of course you don't have to bring your marriage certificate or extract from the population register, but before you decide to register the entire driving association as family members, remember the following:
The Multimedia package "Natural Trim" is an important and inseparable part of the course. It is not only the intention that you thoroughly read this package before you participate in the course, but also that you use this package as a reference when you want to keep track of your horse's hooves yourself. We therefore do not think it is such a good idea if you make use of this arrangement when not all participants can easily access the multimedia package.