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Repetition Natural Trim
Repetition Natural Trim - Get your knowledge with the refresher course Natural Trim > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Repetition Natural Trim
The refresher course is intended for people who have already taken a Natural Trim course, but want to expand their knowledge or pick up the material again.
Fructan index
Fructan index - Topical fructan content of grass > PaardNatuurlijk > Current > Fructan index
Fructan is a substance that can cause laminitis. Fructan is produced by grass, to an extent that depends on the weather conditions. The fructan index is compiled on the basis of the current weather information. This makes it easy to see if there is a risk of a high fructan content, so you can adjust the grazing time and the duration of grazing.
Basic course Natural Trim
Basic course Natural Trim - Learn to trim yourself responsibly > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Basic course Natural Trim
Natural trimming is ideally suited to do yourself. In fact, it is best to do this yourself, because with Natural Trim it is important that the hooves are regularly maintained. Paard Natuur has been teaching the Natural Trim course for over 10 years now and knows better than anyone how best to pass on the knowledge.
Together on a course
Together on a course - Together on a course is fun and affordable > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Together on a course
We get many people on a course who come together with a family member. Cozy, and also very understandable. Two see more than one, you then have a fully-fledged consultation partner at home, and you can divide the work. Because you only need one multimedia package together, we can also grant you a discount.
Photos hairdressing courses
Photos hairdressing courses - an impression of the course > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Photos hairdressing courses
With these photos you get an impression of the Natural Hair Trim course and at the bottom are a few letters sent in from students
Course location South
Course location South - Pien and Jack in Belgium, near Maastricht > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Course location South
Course location Riemst, near Maastricht
Course conditions
Course conditions - Natural Hair Trim course > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Courses > Course conditions