Natural food
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Most manufacturers claim that their horse feed is made from "Natural Ingredients". But what exactly is that? A leg of lamb is natural food for a lion, and ragwort is natural food for the cinnabar moth. Both types of food, despite their natural origin, are neither suitable nor natural for horses. How natural are mueslis composed of "natural ingredients" actually *for horses*?
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Suppose that there are 400,000 horses in the Netherlands, and that they consume an average of 20 grams of lick stone per day. Then in the Netherlands nearly 3 million kilos of lick stones are eaten every year. It is therefore high time to consider the composition of lick stones. We are going to do a number of calculations on this page, do you keep your calculator at hand? Is there an ideal lick for horses that live on grass and hay?
Insulin resistance
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More and more horses are suffering from insulin resistance. The symptoms are controlled, but the real cause usually remains unknown. We hope this page will help change this situation.