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EquiLife F4F
EquiLife F4F - Food Supplement Formula for Feet > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Nutrition > EquiLife F4F
Equi Life F4F is intended to be used in combination with a natural roughage diet, especially for a number of situations and conditions that we will mention later. It was developed by a manufacturer who knows that grain products are not good horse food. It is a product that has actually been specially developed for horses with hoof problems (F4F stands for *"Formula 4 Feet"*), so horses that are often extra sensitive to carbohydrates, but this actually makes it a responsible dietary supplement for all horses. Equi Life 4F4 is economical in use, it only takes 37.50 grams per 100 kg of body weight per day to get enough of everything!
Magnesium Chelate
Magnesium Chelate - For laminitis, magnesium deficiency, insulin resistance > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Nutrition > Magnesium Chelate
Magnesium chelate in a super absorbable form. For horses and ponies that need it.
Vitamin E Selenium
Vitamin E Selenium - Easily absorbable, oil-based with omega-3 fatty acids > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Nutrition > Vitamin E Selenium
We have tested and viewed a large number of products and came to the conclusion that the product "Chevivit E-Selen" is a high quality product and does not contain any unwanted additives. In addition, it is also the cheapest, if you convert it to the daily dose. **The price for a single bottle seems high, but you need very little of it: only 2ml per day**. So you do more than four months with a bottle. You need 40 to 60 grams (!) Per day from other supplements. Even though the purchase price of those products may seem low, you are easily twice as expensive and you also feed the horse a lot of unwanted substances.
Horse Natural stone
Horse Natural stone - Lick stone specially adapted to a roughage diet > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Nutrition > Horse Natural stone
During our lick stone research in 2008, it appeared that the common lick stones that are sold in the Netherlands are not well suited to a diet in which roughage (grass and/or hay) from the Netherlands or Belgium predominates. Three years after publication, there was still no good lick available and we decided to start producing our ideal lick ourselves. This lick stone, with a lot of magnesium and little iron, has become very popular.
Psyllium husk pure ultrafine
Psyllium husk pure ultrafine - Prevents sand colic > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Nutrition > Psyllium husk pure ultrafine
By "Psyllium" is generally meant the (ground or not) shells of the seeds of the "Psyllium plant". The seed husks of this plant have the interesting property of being poor digestion and ability to bind a lot of water. As a result, they travel as a sticky mass throughout the intestinal tract. Interestingly, the seeds are both beneficial against clogging as against loose stools.