Cap aprons Protect your legs from dirt and spills

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It is advisable to use a cap while trimming. We have a super handy one available: "Brown apron, De luxe"

  • There are two compartments for the hoof knives and also two extra (longer) compartments for the hoof rasp and/or hoof tang. These compartments are very handy because you can easily slide a grater in and out so that you always have all the tools at hand!

  • In addition to the compartments, there are also four straps, where you can hang things. In the photo a support grater, a hoof pick or something else is also possible!

General characteristics of the hooded apron:

  • Four spacious compartments and four straps so plenty of space for different types of rasps, hoof knives, hoof tongs, and so on!
  • Completely made of suede, which provides good protection against tool outliers
  • Long model, falling over the knee, which is useful because it is sometimes useful to rest on 1 knee during trimming
  • Protects clothing from dirt and wear
  • Made of a sturdy yet pleasantly supple quality (no stiff patches!)
  • Adjustable with a real belt at the waist and an adjustable strap at the legs. Suitable for every size
  • Still affordable despite the high quality; much cheaper than most other cap aprons

Tools are always at hand, even when the horse is moving. No rasps on the ground, no horses to step on. Tools can be conveniently stored in the apron by rolling it up, then it also protects against moisture. Time for hoof maintenance? Trim apron and ready to trim! No dirty clothes and easy and fast.

To order

These cap aprons are specially made for us and are only available through our web shop. They can also be purchased from us and our instructors during the Natural Hair Trim course.

! Leather is a natural product. Each apron is unique: The texture of the suede can be coarser or finer than shown in the pictures, and skin irregularities can be visible.

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