Meadow Products for the meadow

Horsefly trap
Horsefly trap - Super handy portable horsefly trap > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Meadow > Horsefly trap
The horsefly trap from PaardNatuurlijk is an own design. The aim was to develop a horsefly trap that would be less expensive but at the same time better than the existing products. Super easy to move + Very large catch + Can be placed anywhere + Collection bin easy to empty + even more!
Rag-Fork - For removal of, among other things, Ragwort > PaardNatuurlijk > Products > Meadow > Rag-Fork
The Rag fork has been specially developed to remove Ragwort easily, quickly, effectively and permanently, including the roots. No more dragging, no more stems that break off, no more roots that remain and ensure the return of the yellow assassin. The Rag fork was developed in England, where they have been struggling with Ragwort for some time.